Sunday, 4 January 2009

Training Seaham Beach 03.01.09

One month into training and I've got my mock-up sled (thanks to Brian Douds Snr for manufacturing it for me) out for its first test run on Seaham beach with my big brother David (for reference, he's the small one!) The sled itself might look a bit flimsy and light weight but, believe me, this thing weighs a ton when you're sprinting on sand dragging it behind you.

I've been working tirelessly since late November getting myself into good shape so I can really test myself physically and mentally in preparation for the challenge. I'm glad to say I'm lucky to be supported by some fantastic professionals, specifically my physical trainer Ollie Reeve who has tailor-made my 4 month fitness regime for tackling polar exploration.

Also Dr Emma Stevenson and the team at the Brain, Performance and Nutrition Research Centre, School of Psychology and Sports Sciences at University of Northumbria who are running a research study assessing how my body changes throughout the whole challenge until I get back.

Next week I'm off doing some Alpine training in the French Alps (well, I'm going skiing for a week) so hopefully that's going to get me out in the cold and challenge me still further.

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