Friday, 9 January 2009

£1000 milestone reached on 9.1.09!!

This may be considered a minor step forward in the grander (fifty grand) scheme of things. I feel milestones are to be celebrated and this is a brilliant one we've reached. Only £49 grand more to go!

Thanks to everyone that has sponsored me thus far.
I feel a special mention should go to everyone that's helping me to raise money and awareness. I have been blown away by the support I've received from so many people - some of whom I've never met before. There's the team at Gardiner Richardson in Newecastle who are putting together a national PR campaign for free. Bruno Brunning in London raffling off his vintage (and authentic) Cure T-Shirts. Dave Shenton from Shenton Creative for doing all sorts of brilliant things above and beyond the call of duty. All my family and friends for their efforts. And there's Dorcas, for being there for me and for being absolutely mint. Thanks sincerely to you all. It will be you lot who have sponsored and supported me that will give me the will and motivation to get to the Pole.

I'm off mountain and altitude training (er, skiing) for a week where I'm hoping to learn cross country and Telemart skiing so I know what I'm doing when I start out on the ice in early April. I'll be pushing myself really hard while I'm away because the toughest training will start when I get back, building my stamina up so I'm capable of pulling a sled for up to 12 hours a day. That said, I'm still going to have a few beers.

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