Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Year, new adventures

Just back from training in the gym with thoughts towards a new year and new adventures. I've always loved going on adventures but I can safely say I've never attempted something quite like this challenge. I've had a few sleepless nights recently where I can't get visions of the ice out of my mind. It's a strange concept, knowing I'm going to put myself into such a situation that will force me pull on all my reserves of will and determination. I've visited the very depths of my soul before and it's not a nice place to go. So knowing I'm going to go back there is scary. That said, I'm buzzing about the expedition and what challenges lay ahead in 2009. It's also the year my new fiance, Dorcas, and I plan to marry. So there's quite a bit going on and lots of plans to make.

It doesn't matter what special occasion it is, my thoughts always turn to my Dad. Today in the gym I worked that extra bit harder because I was spurred on by his memory. Dad (or Ronnie as we liked to call him) always encouraged me to "get stuck in" to things be it rugby, work or anything I wanted to do for that matter. And I always felt the harder I worked the more he respected me for the effort.

It's always devastating to think I'll never toast in the New Year with my Dad again. We didn't spend too many together since I left home but I always called my parents and had a drunken laugh on the phone. Normally taking the mick out of Dad because of how pissed he was. Happy times, always. Which reminds me why I'm taking on this mammoth challenge - it's to help fight cancer so even if one person, or one family, in the world doesn't lose their Dad and can wish him happy birthday, a merry Christmas and hoist a glass with him to toast a new year, new hopes, dreams and aspirations, then it'll be worth every grueling step.

All the best for 2009!

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