Monday, 14 September 2009

Inspirational Speaking

I was over the moon to be asked by Service Network to be an inspirational speaker at their recent Summer Social event in August. With over 130 attendees in the audience, I had to make sure I delivered.

I used the story of my North Pole expedition as a testimonial to deliver the message that anything in life is achieveable, providing you believe it to be so.

The audience feedback I received was fantastic - 75 per cent of the audience rated my talk "excellent", which was high praise indeed from such an influential and successful group. Service Network themselves said the following:

"An inspirational speaker, Michael Mitten engages his audience with experiences which capture the imagination and encourages positivity.

Michael is a natural spokesperson, encouraging the audience to think about their trials and tribulations from a different perspective. Showing that anything is possible when you have the determination to succeed, our event was greatly enhanced with his motivational stories and winning commentary."

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